PAINtalks 2018 – Review of the event

La third edition of PAINtalks du Quebec network of student-researchers on pain (RQECD) which took place at the Promotions room of the Séminaire de Québec le October 5, 2018, was a great success!

This initiative bilingual and free is inspired by “TED” style presentations and aims to offer the audience popularized presentations focused on the field of pain.

We were treated to excellent presentations from 5 student-members of our network, a member of the Quebec chronic pain association (AQDC) and 2 guest speakers. This edition was the first to be open to the public.

For this special edition, the RQECD has partnered with Denis Francois Gravel in order to offer you a high quality event. President and co-founder of TEDxQuébec, Denis François is also an experienced coach and trainer in public speaking. All of our presenters have benefited from individual training with Denis François to ensure the excellence of the conferences.

In order to promote an effective transfer of information from the academic community to the population, all the presentations were filmed in high-definition, then made available to Internet users via our website, our Youtube channel and our Facebook page. The videos were filmed and edited by Vimetri, a professional team that also covers the TEDxQuébec event. Plus, a collaboration with the coveted North American Pain School (NAPS) was held in order to offer a place at NAPS 2019 to the winner of the best conference.

Finally, the evening ended with a relaxed cocktail where everyone had the opportunity to meet and interact with the speakers.

Winner 2018

Aymeric Averland – Baccalaureate student

Once again this year, eligible student speakers from the RQECD had a chance to win the Best Presentation contest. The winner of this competition is Aymeric Averland.



DIAMOND Partners

The CPS is a society of scientists, health professionals, educators and pain advocates who have a vested interest in pain research and management. As a chapter of the IASP, we support the treatment of pain as a basic human right and are currently advocating for a Canadian National Pain Strategy

Supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) and ranked first among the thematic health research networks in Quebec, the RQRD's mandate is to exercise strong leadership in order to increase the competitiveness of research teams. in the field of pain in Quebec, thus maximizing the impact of fundamental, clinical, evaluative and epidemiological research, for the improvement of the quality of life of Canadians who suffer from chronic pain. The RQRD supports strategic initiatives and technological platforms contributing to the development of 1) knowledge on the neurophysiology of pain, 2) new pain assessment protocols, 3) patient-oriented programs for the improvement of care and 4) knowledge transfer initiatives to inform health professionals, policy makers and patients. The RQRD, the largest pain research network in North America, includes more than 100 researchers based in 8 different universities and research centers, and supports the RQECD, which includes more than 200 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

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